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Comprehensive Guide to Audit and Compliance in China

Foreign companies operating in China must adhere to local audit and compliance requirements. This involves understanding the financial audit process, annual compliance procedures, and corporate income tax (CIT) reconciliation.

Financial Audits

A financial audit in China involves an objective evaluation of a company's financial statements, ensuring they present a true and fair view. This is mandatory for all Foreign Invested Enterprises (FIEs) as per Chinese Company Law.

Annual Compliance Procedures

FIEs must complete several steps for annual compliance before distributing and repatriating profits:

  1. Preliminary Audit: Conducted in November or December, this audit helps identify potential issues and allows companies to make necessary corrections. It involves risk assessments and internal control reviews, reducing substantive audit work needed later.

  2. Annual Audit Report: Though not always required to be submitted, most companies still prepare this report, which includes an audit opinion, financial statements, and explanatory notes. It should be completed before the CIT reconciliation deadline of May 31.

  3. CIT Reconciliation: This involves reconciling accounting profits with taxable income to determine tax liabilities. Companies must submit an Annual CIT Reconciliation Report, including adjustment sheets for tax and accounting discrepancies. This process can often be completed online.

Key Considerations

  • Language and Currency: Financial reports must be in Chinese and denominated in RMB.

  • Documentation: Companies must maintain proper documentation to support financial and tax records.

  • Regional Variations: Compliance requirements can vary by region. For instance, Shanghai requires a taxable income adjustment sheet, while other cities may not.

Differences Between CAS and IFRS

Chinese Accounting Standards (CAS) have converged significantly with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), but differences remain in areas such as presentation of financial statements, valuation methods, and bookkeeping practices.

Practical Tips for Compliance

  1. Engage Professionals: Hiring qualified accountants and tax agents can ensure compliance with local standards.

  2. Stay Updated: Regularly check for updates from local tax bureaus regarding CIT reconciliation and other compliance requirements.

  3. Prepare Early: Start the preliminary audit early to identify and address potential issues, reducing the rush during the final audit period.

Adhering to audit and compliance requirements in China is essential for foreign businesses to operate smoothly. By understanding the local standards and preparing adequately, companies can ensure they meet all legal obligations and maintain financial health.

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Woodburn Accountants & Advisors is one of China and Hong Kong’s
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