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China Business Guide 2024 

China Business Guide 2024.jpeg

The China Business Guide 2024 covers the pertinent themes for doing business in China. With articles from a team of on-the-ground specialists and partners, you will be able to get up to speed with developments across the economy, market trends, the business and regulatory environment, as well as key operational considerations. 

We are proud Lead Partners of the guide, alongside

The key chapters included in the guide are:

  • Navigating the Complexity of Setting up a Business in China 

  • Establishing a Presence in China

  • Taxes and Costs of Running a Business in China

  • International Arbitration and China - A Practical View

  • Protecting Intellectual Property in China

  • Data Regulations in China

  • Training for Long-Term Success in China

  • Making the Most of China's Diverse Economy 

  • Identifying a Distributor in China

  • The E-commerce Ecosystem in China

  • Sourcing from China

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