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Woodburn Accountants & Advisors is specialized in inbound investment to China and Hong Kong. We offer companies a one-stop shop approach to their corporate service’s needs. We offer market-entry advisory and ongoing corporate, accounting, tax and human resource services.

We recognize that each company has its short and long-term strategy when entering the Chinese market. As an international and multi-disciplinary consulting firm, we have instilled a culture and work ethic of personal service to our clients. As such our mission is to provide quality tailor-made services and solutions to each company in conjunction with value for money.

We speak a variety of European languages and local Chinese dialects to help clients communicate transparently and more easily when entering and operating in the market. Our strength is that we can be the link between your new team in China, your team in the headquarter and our local network of partners that can provide additional added-value services.


Sven Koehler

Kristina Koehler-Coluccia

Klaus Koehler


Our clients are international companies focused on inbound Asia investments, with a focus on China and Hong Kong. The strategy of our clients is on manufacturing in China, exporting from China, selling to China and offering a variety of services within China. They range from start-up organizations to multinational and publicly-listed companies.

  • Manufacturing

  • Retail

  • Ecommerce

  • Trade

  • Transport & Logistics

  • Automotive

  • Renewable Energy

  • Construction

  • Advertising & Marketing

  • Healthcare


  • Education

  • Textile

  • Toys

  • Chemical

  • Architectural

  • Urban Planning

  • Information Technology

  • Food & Beverage

  • Restaurant

  • Electronics


At Woodburn Accountants & Advisors we realize that companies need an array of service providers to aid them in their market entry. An added advantage of working with Woodburn Accountants & Associates is it's global network of certified public accountants, lawyers, bankers, real estate and relocation agents. We aim to connect our clients to our partners to complete their full service needs.  

At the same time we aim to continuously expand our network of partners. If you are interested in working with a qualified corporate service provider in China and Hong Kong, contact us at


Thank you for making an enquiry. We will be in touch shortly.


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