Webinar Series: Procurement in China
Episode 1: Developing a direct import program from Asia using Hong Kong

Monday, November 22, 2021

@ 10.00am CEST


Join Kristina Koehler-Coluccia, Head of Business Advisory from Woodburn Accountants & Advisors for this session.

Sourcing in Asia is still of vital importance and the Direct Import Program is an ideal solution for importers, selling direct to large customers. The Direct Import Program is designed for businesses that:

·     Are sourcing from Asia and reselling in their home country or third-party destinations

·     Are selling to large customers who accept direct shipment

·     Want to centralize their sourcing function in Asia

·     Need to have better control over quality

·     Need to have better control over receipts and payments

·     Want to sell on FOB Asia terms

If you are sourcing or buying from Asia and selling your products to large customers in your home country or third-party destinations, then the Direct Import Program can help you achieve greater competitiveness and efficiency.


The program enables you to centralize your sourcing function in Asia, thereby giving you greater control of the quality standards of your products and create savings from economies of scale.


Join our webinar to learn more about how a direct import program from Asia can help your business globally.

 Webinar Series: Procurement in China
Episode 2: Supply chain models for exporting from China: the challenges and opportunities

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

@ 10.00am CEST


Join Simon Oxley, Executive Director - Global Business Development, LF Logistics for this session.

Due to the current disruptions in global supply chains and turmoil in freight markets exporting from China can seem harder than ever. However this needs to be balanced with the ever expanding options available to companies in how they manage their logistics networks not just in China but across the Asia Pacific region.

Simon will discuss some of the current challenges and focus on the different models that can be used to make exporting from China an opportunity to improve supply chain efficiencies and resilience.

 Webinar Series: Procurement in China
Episode 3: Hong Kong: Asia’s Sourcing Hub 

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

@ 10.00am CEST


Join Daisy Ip, Director, UK, Benelux and Ireland, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, London for this session.

Hong Kong is the premier location for global sourcing, providing businesses unrivalled networks and opportunities. To help connect global buyers and suppliers, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council offers various sourcing platforms.


Sign up for this webinar to learn about the latest sourcing landscape and trends in Hong Kong and Asia, how Hong Kong has all the elements to continue as a world-class sourcing hub, and the various platforms we offer overseas businesses to help them reach potential suppliers, including an AI-led and app-based online sourcing platform, 30+ trade fairs every year, and a curated business-matching service.

 Webinar Series: Procurement in China
Episode 4: How to mitigate currency risk when trading with China? 

Thursday, November 25, 2021

@ 10.00am CEST


Join Isabel Ye Qiu, Director China Initiative, Ebury for this session.

This webinar is aimed at importers and exporters working with China, where we will be sharing the latest insights about how you can work better with China and improve your pricing negotiations through transacting in Chinese Yuan 

 Webinar: Save your brand in China

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

@ 10.00am CEST


Join Kristina Koehler-Coluccia from Woodburn Accountants & Advisors for this webinar.

Protecting your brand in China can be hard.

You are excited about entering the Chinese market, going to networking events and getting your first business deals and transactions rolling. 

But, there is nothing worse then placing faith and building trust with people who deceive you, is there?

IP squatters and hijackers in China register trademarks under bad faith to either re-sell the brand name or use it for their own business to leverage off of the success of the original trademark owner from overseas. 

IP squatters or hijackers can be your distributors, your suppliers, your vendors, your employees. They can be anyone. 

Have you experienced this?

I do have an easier way for you. A way to protect your brand - one of the most important assets of your organization - and vet those you would be working with closely. 

Join our webinar TODAY.