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Recruitment Services in China

How can Woodburn help you?

Elevate your search for accounting professionals in China. 


With a deep understanding of the local market intricacies and a global perspective on recruitment trends, we are committed to guiding both employers and job seekers through the intricacies of talent acquisition in China. Whether you're a company seeking to expand your team or an individual looking for new career opportunities, our comprehensive solutions and personalized approach ensure success in navigating China's competitive job market.

We have built a database of accounting and administrative leaders who have developed and built an excellent track record working in-house within foreign-invested and local firms. Our China recruitment process is
unique, whereby we provide you, once a screening has been done, with up-to-date video interview recording, technical skillset and character analysis for you to choose the top candidates to interview with in person. 

We use multiple tools for recruiting candidates in China, such as through social media and classifieds platforms. We utilize a selection of platforms such as ZhaoCaiMiao, Liepin, Lagou, 58 Tongcheng, Maimai, Zhilian Zhaopin, 51job, Boss, Wechat, Weibo, Baidu Tieba, and Ganji to post and endorse client job listings.

Rest assured, if we fail to find the candidates you seek, we will collaborate with you to refine the job post and extend the recruiting window. Our commitment stems from a desire for long-term partnerships, aiming to support companies in continuously succeeding and expanding their operations in China.

Ready to find top talent in China?

Let’s talk about your hiring goals and how we can help you build your dream team! Reach out to us today to get started!

Schedule a 30-mins complimentary, no-obligation call to see how Woodburn can help you. Book a call with our Head of Business Advisory - Kristina Koehler-Coluccia.

Topics we can advise on include:

  • Your China recruitment needs

  • The job description requirements

  • Our recruitment methodology in China

  • Our service fees

  • Woodburn's advantage

  • And the next steps 


Our calls are automatically scheduled via Zoom - or via Teams, WeChat or WhatsApp upon direct request. 

Our advisory calls are available from Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm CEST and Wednesday until 9pm CEST.

How to get started with Woodburn

Insights on China Recruitment Trends 

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