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Cloud Payroll Services in Hong Kong

How can Woodburn help you?

Optimize Your Human Resources and Payroll Management in Hong Kong.

Effectively overseeing your Human Resources and Payroll is vital for companies with operations in Hong Kong. Adhering to stringent regulations, registering employees with relevant authorities, and contributing to the Hong Kong mandatory provident fund and individual income tax are mandatory for companies operating in Hong Kong. With our streamlined payroll services, you can optimize your payroll processes in Hong Kong. We ensure full compliance, handle employee registration, manage the mandatory provident fund contributions, and oversee tax contributions. Our comprehensive payroll services in Hong Kong are designed to reduce time and costs for your organization, streamline your monthly operations, and ensure compliance with Hong Kong regulations. Our integrated Cloud Payroll Services and Mobile App offer a complete solution, including monthly payroll calculations, MPF management, individual income tax calculations, allowance planning, reimbursements, and total cost overview preparation for both expatriates and local employees. Additionally, employees can use the mobile app for self-service features such as calendar views and expense claims.

Breakdown of our Cloud Payroll Services in Hong Kong

Payroll Calculation

  • Payroll Processing

  • Total Compensation

  • Mandatory Provident Fund

  • Individual Income Tax

  • Bonus & Sales Incentive

  • Labor Cost Allocation

  • HR Compliance

  • Payroll Reports

Absence Management

  • Leave Management

  • Overtime Management

  • Compensation Leave

  • Employee Self-service

  • Absence Reports

Working Hours Management

  • Clock-in / Clock-out

  • Working Hours Management

  • Shift Management

  • Flexible Shift

  • Time-clock Integration

  • Time Reports

Workplace Management

  • Employee Management

  • Organization Management

  • Position Management

  • Employment Contract

  • HR Reports

Transform your payroll management with our cloud payroll services in Hong Kong!

Streamline operations, ensure accuracy, and enhance efficiency with our advanced cloud-based solutions. Simplify payroll processing, manage employee data securely, and stay compliant with local regulations. Focus on what matters most—your business—while we handle your payroll seamlessly.

Ready to elevate your payroll experience? 

Schedule a 30-mins complimentary, no-obligation call to see how Woodburn can help you. Book a call with our Head of Business Advisory - Kristina Koehler-Coluccia.

Topics we can advise on include:

  • Your Hong Kong HR and payroll needs

  • The importance of a a cloud-based payroll software in Hong Kong

  • Our service fees

  • The ongoing administrative services 

  • Woodburn's advantage

  • And the next steps 


Our calls are automatically scheduled via Zoom - or via Teams, WeChat or WhatsApp upon direct request. 

Our advisory calls are available from Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm CEST and Wednesday until 9pm CEST.

How to get started with Woodburn

Ready to streamline your payroll operations in Hong Kong?
Make the switch to us today!
Experience seamless payroll processing, expert compliance management, and dedicated support tailored to your business needs. With our comprehensive services, you can focus on driving growth while we ensure accurate and timely payroll for your team. Don’t settle for less—choose reliability and efficiency. Contact us now to switch and start maximizing your payroll management with confidence!

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