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Start Your Business in Hong Kong Faster Without Setting Up an Entity

Starting a business in Hong Kong can be time-consuming and costly. Typically, businesses must create a corporate entity, hire local staff, and navigate complex regulations to expand internationally. However, this traditional approach can lead to:

  • Wrong pricing models

  • Off-target products or services

  • Poor location choices or incompatible business models

  • Unfit business partners or suppliers

Can Woodburn help you?

Given Hong Kong's complex labor laws, many companies now explore short-term, limited presences in the city. Fortunately, there's a less conventional and less risky way to enter the Hong Kong market.

Global Staffing Solutions: A Smart Alternative

Global Staffing Solutions allow foreign investors to operate in Hong Kong for short periods without setting up a legal entity. One popular solution is using a Global PEO (Professional Employer Organization).

What is a Global PEO and How Does It Work?

A Global PEO, also known as an Employer of Record (EOR), provides HR services for companies that don't set up an entity in Hong Kong. This means:

  • Hiring staff globally

  • Supporting remote teams

  • Expanding your presence without the need for full incorporation

Benefits of Using a PEO

  • Risk Mitigation: Compliance with Hong Kong’s strict, complex, and ever-changing labor laws. A PEO shoulders legal responsibilities, allowing your company to support remote teams and expand globally without legal hassles.

  • Time and Cost Savings: Avoid the usual delays and expenses of setting up a business in Hong Kong. A PEO streamlines administrative processes, reducing costs.

  • Local Expertise: Gain access to valuable local knowledge and networks, helping you navigate the Hong Kong market and empowering your business growth.

Offshore Companies: Another Entity-Free Option

A Hong Kong-based company can also operate without a physical presence. Offshore companies offer flexibility and cost savings due to relaxed regulations and lower operational costs. Onshore companies, however, benefit from greater legitimacy with local authorities and easier market access.

Choosing Between Offshore and Onshore

The choice between an offshore or onshore company depends on your business needs and goals. Offshore companies offer flexibility and savings, while onshore companies provide legitimacy and market access.

In Summary

By using a Global PEO or considering offshore companies, you can start your business in Hong Kong faster and with less risk. These alternatives help you avoid the traditional hurdles of setting up a corporate entity, making your entry into the Hong Kong market smoother and more efficient.


Woodburn Accountants & Advisors is one of China’s most trusted business setup advisory firms.

Woodburn Accountants & Advisors is specialized in inbound investment to China and Hong Kong. We focus on eliminating the complexities of corporate services and compliance administration. We help clients with services ranging from trademark registration and company incorporation to the full outsourcing solution for accounting, tax, and human resource services. Our advisory services can be tailor-made based on the companies’ objectives, goals and needs which vary depending on the stage they are at on their journey.


Talk to an expert

Schedule a 30-mins complimentary, no-obligation call to see how Woodburn can help you. Book a call with our Head of Business Advisory - Kristina Koehler-Coluccia.

Topics we can advise on include:

  • Company Registration

  • Cloud Accounting & Financial Reporting

  • Cloud Payroll Services

  • Tax & Audit Services

  • Recruitment

  • Employer-of-Record

  • Visa Application

  • Trademark Registration

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Our calls are automatically scheduled via Zoom - or via Teams, WeChat or WhatsApp upon direct request. 

Our advisory calls are available from Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm CEST and Wednesday until 9pm CEST.



Woodburn Accountants & Advisors is one of China and Hong Kong’s
most trusted business setup advisory firms

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