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China Business Visa Guide

The China business visa, also known as an M visa, is issued to those intending to go to China for commercial and trade purposes, such as business meetings, workshops, and training sessions.

Who Can Apply for a China Business Visa?

Every foreign national can apply for a China business visa unless they are from one of the countries that benefit from China’s visa-free policy. Specific agreements with certain countries offer special visas:


Visa Duration

United States

Up to 10 years


Up to 9 years


Up to 10 years


Up to 10 years

United Kingdom

Up to 2 years

Additional benefits include:

  • Foreigners with a previous business visa can apply for a 1-year business visa.

  • Residents of Hong Kong with an HKID card are eligible for a 1-year business visa.

  • APAC citizens with an ABTC (APEC Business Travel Card) with "CHN" on the back can travel to China for up to 60 days on business without a visa.

  • Holders of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao passports will have a special travel permit valid for up to 10 years.

  • Business travellers from Hong Kong to Shenzhen can get a 5-day visa, and those from Macao to Zhuhai can enjoy a 3-day visa upon arrival.

How to Apply for a China Business Visa?

When applying for a China business visa, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare the required documents: Use the checklist provided by the embassy to gather necessary documents. Proper documentation is crucial for your application.

  2. Complete your visa application form: Fill out the visa application form accurately, print it, and include it with other documents.

  3. Book an appointment with the Chinese embassy or consulate: Find the nearest Chinese embassy or consulate and book a visa appointment.

  4. Attend the visa appointment: Submit your documents and undergo an interview at the embassy or consulate. Biometric information will be collected for applicants aged 14 to 70.

  5. Pay your visa application fee: Pay the visa application fee, service fee, and tax. Costs vary depending on nationality.

  6. Wait for the processing time and get your visa: Standard processing time is 4 working days. Express service (2-3 days) is available for an additional fee. Collect your passport with the China business visa once approved.

What Are the Requirements for a China Business Visa?

Submit the following documents when applying for a China business visa:

  1. Visa application form: A fully completed form available online.

  2. Original passport: Valid for at least six months with two blank pages. Include photocopies of the bio and extension pages (if applicable).

  3. Passport-sized photograph: Complying with China visa photo requirements (48mm x 33mm).

  4. Certificate of employment: Stating the applicant’s name, passport number, job position, purpose of visit, and a photocopy of the employee’s card.

  5. Business cover letter: Addressed to the Embassy of China from your home country company.

  6. Letter of invitation: Issued by a trade partner in China or trade fair organizer, containing details of the applicant, visit, and inviting party.

  7. Company certificate and tax clearance record.

  8. Proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

  9. Trip itinerary: Air ticket booking (round trip) and hotel reservation proof.

  10. Proof of financial subsistence: An original bank statement for the last 4 months, signed and stamped by the bank. The average amount should not be less than HK$2764.98.

How Long Can I Stay With a China Business Visa?

The M visa is valid for up to 6 months with one, two, or multiple entries, allowing a 30-day stay per entry. US, UK, Canadian, and Argentine citizens can obtain a 10-year visa with multiple entries, each allowing a 2-month stay.

To extend your stay, visit the local exit and entry administration at least seven days before your visa expires.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a China Business Visa?

The cost varies by nationality and service speed:


Number of Entries

Visa Fee (CNY)

Schengen Citizens



United States



United Kingdom














Multiple (6 months)


Multiple (12 months)







Multiple (6 months)


Multiple (12 months)


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