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Woodburn is a trusted business partner for Corporate Clients & Entrepreneurs
Empowered by innovative cloud accounting, payroll & corporate document solutions

Trusted Corporate Services For Your China & Hong Kong Business

Welcome to Woodburn Accountants & Advisors, your trusted partner in navigating the intricate business landscapes of China, Hong Kong, and beyond. With a focus on providing tailored solutions for both corporate clients and entrepreneurs, we specialize in facilitating the progress of your business ventures and objectives in these dynamic markets. Our comprehensive services ensure a smooth and seamless experience as you navigate the complexities of doing business in China, Hong Kong, and other global markets.

Looking to hire?

Hire the best talent now with our EoR service

Recruit and onboard your team with flexibility, allowing you to be compliant and reduce your costs. 

Our services include recruitment, employer-of-record and visa applications.

Starting a business?

Fast company registration in China & Hong Kong

Register and manage your business easily with stress-free services and expert support - All digitally. Our services include company registration, government compliance and trademark registration. 

Need help managing your business?

Move your administration to Woodburn

From bookkeeping to financial audit, tax and payroll, bring peace of mind to your back office with our experts! Our services include cloud accounting  and financial reporting, cloud payroll services, tax and audit. 

Ready to elevate your corporate endeavors in Hong Kong and China?

Partner with us. Explore our comprehensive corporate services tailored to your business needs and take the next step towards success in these dynamic markets.

Advance your business in


Woodburn offers a full array of corporate services to facilitate seamless business operations in China. Enjoy the expertise of a large firm without the burden of high overhead costs.

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Advance your business in

Hong Kong

Woodburn provides a complete suite of corporate & advisory services for doing business in Hong Kong. Enjoy the expertise of a large firm without the burden of high overhead costs.

Hong Kong Skyline

Let's unlock your business's full potential in China and Hong Kong together.

Discover how our tailored solutions can streamline your operations and drive growth.

Embark on a journey towards efficiency and success!

Schedule a 30-mins complimentary, no-obligation call to see how Woodburn can help you. Book a call with our Head of Business Advisory - Kristina Koehler-Coluccia.

Topics we can advise on in China & Hong Kong include:

  • Company Registration

  • Cloud Accounting & Financial Reporting

  • Cloud Payroll Services

  • Tax & Audit Services

  • Recruitment

  • Employer-of-Record

  • Visa Application

  • Trademark Registration

  • Switch to Woodburn

  • Partner with Woodburn (cross referral)

Our calls are automatically scheduled via Zoom - or via Teams, WeChat or WhatsApp upon direct request. 

Our advisory calls are available from Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm CEST and Wednesday until 9pm CEST.

How to get started with Woodburn

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