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Trademark Resilience: Overcoming Obstacles in China's Business Landscape


The client approached our team in Shanghai seeking assistance with trademark registration in China. The client had recognized the importance of expanding its market presence in China but encountered a significant challenge regarding their trademark.


The Challenge

The client informed us that they had delayed registering its trademark in China, leaving them vulnerable to infringement by competitors and/or hijackers. The delay had allowed another entity to register a similar trademark, potentially jeopardizing their brand identity and market position in China. This posed a considerable obstacle to their expansion plans and raised concerns about brand protection and legal rights in the Chinese market.


The Solution

We swiftly devised a strategic solution to address the client’s predicament:


  1. Evaluate Options: We meticulously analyzed the situation, considering various options available to the client. These included negotiating with the infringing party to purchase the trademark, rebranding under a new name, or pursuing legal action to reclaim trademark rights.

  2. Strategic Consultation: We provided the client with the implications and feasibility of each option. We outlined the potential risks, costs, and benefits associated with buying the trademark, rebranding, or legal recourse.

  3. Negotiation and Legal Support: Recognizing the urgency of the matter, we facilitated negotiations with the infringing party, exploring possibilities for acquiring the trademark rights through amicable agreements. Simultaneously, we offered legal support via our legal partners to assess the viability of reclaiming trademark rights through litigation if negotiations failed.

  4. Rebranding Strategy: As a proactive measure, we collaborated with the client to develop a contingency rebranding strategy. We assisted in identifying alternative brand names through our marketing agency partner and evaluating their suitability for the Chinese market, ensuring alignment with the client’s brand identity and market positioning objectives.

  5. Trademark Registration Process: While addressing the immediate trademark challenge, we expedited the trademark registration process for the client in China. Serving as trademark agents, we managed all paperwork and formalities, ensuring compliance with Chinese regulations and optimizing the registration timeline to mitigate future risks.



In response to the trademark registration challenge in China, the client decided to pursue the rebranding option recommended by us. The decision to rebrand necessitated a comprehensive overhaul of the client’s marketing collateral, digital assets, and online presence to align with the new brand identity in China.

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