Advantages and disadvantages of partnering with a distributor for your China business

The Chinese market offers incredible business opportunities but going at it alone can turn out to be a difficult enterprise.


However, utilizing an infrastructure and logistical know how that already exists in your target market may prove to be more of a time and cost-efficient strategy. This is where distributors come to play.

Understanding the Harmonized System (HS) for your import-export China Business

A growing number of foreign companies is looking to start or increase their import-export business in China. Classifying and declaring goods accurately according to China’s version of the Harmonized System (HS) is a key component of a successful operation.

In the past few years, international companies have had to pay more attention to the classification of their products in China to avoid criminal or civil penalties. The misclassification of goods can turn out to be a very costly mistake.

The HS Code is widely used in every international trade process. As an importer or exporter, it is necessary to fully understand and make proper use of it.

JAN 12, 2021

Webinar: Design your China Roadmap

At the moment we are seeing 1 of 2 things:
1. Companies are enthusiastic and are geared to their China market entry, but they do not know how to begin; and 

2. Companies are nervous and hesitant about going into China due to border controls and the current global pandemic. 

For both types of companies the goal of Woodburn Accountants & Advisors is to help create a plan, implement it and give you the confidence and peace of mind to manage and run your business from overseas. 

In this webinar session, we will design YOUR CHINA ROADMAP.  

This session will go through:

>> the 3 major milestones: opportunity, implementation and growth; and

>> the 9 superpowers needed by a company, entrepreneur and/or leader to build a “performance” business in China.


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