Doing business in China now or planning to enter the China market in the future? Woodburn Accountants & Advisors offers group and corporate training workshops that provide you with information and tools to enrich your China business skills and enhance your market entry efforts to achieve success on the Chinese market. We provide a wide variety of training modules that cover everything you should know about incorporating and operating a company in China. We know that there is no one size fits all so that each of the training modules will be adjusted to meet the unique needs of your company and industry. We also provide customized training for companies with specific learning outcomes, group sizes and timelines. Contact us to receive more information on content and service fees.

Who is this series for?
The series is aimed at international companies focused on inbound China investments. The companies are manufacturing in China, exporting from China, selling to China and offering a variety of services within China. They range from start-up organizations to multinational and publicly-listed companies.

What to expect?

  • Obtain the latest updates on local laws/regulations

  • Be equipped with practical solutions and best practices to tackle the most challenging issues in doing business in China


What research can you do in your pre-investment stage to secure your future China investment?


  • How to create your China business plan

  • What is your business scope/business activity going to be?

  • Choosing the right structure and business model

  • Holding company options

  • Saving your brand in China - trademark search and registration

  • Creating your Chinese “marketing” business model: domain name registration, WeChat registration and Website hosting

  • 10 reasons why some business are not successful in the Chinese market


How to incorporate your China company


  • Choosing the right shareholder for the China investment

  • Choosing the right business scope

  • Choosing the right Chinese name

  • Choosing the right registered office address

  • Choosing the right registered capital and total investment for your operation

  • Choosing the right individuals for the corporate structure


Financing, Accounting and Tax in China


  • Budgeting your business in China

  • Choosing the right registered capital and total investment for your operation

  • Understanding the Chinese accounting system

  • The Chinese tax system

  • The world of Value-Added Tax in China

  • Profit repatriation strategies

  • Annual compliance obligations – annual audit, annual tax filings, annual inspections, annual dividend repatriation

  • What can eat away at the profit margins?

  • Transfer pricing regulations


The complexities of employing individuals in China


  • How to employ talent in China – with or without an entity in China

  • Individual income tax in China

  • Social Insurance law in China

  • Visa requirements for foreigners in China

  • Importance of having an employment contract and employee handbook in China

  • Payroll procedures in China

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