China Market Entry 2021.

Get clarity on how to enter the China market and plan your first steps with this 5-day workshop run by leading China Experts, Kristina Koehler-Coluccia, Head of Business Advisory at Woodburn Accountants & Advisors and Manfred Steinkellner, Founder of Steinkellner China Search.

When and How?

  • November 15-19, 2021 @ 10.30am CET each day

  • 90 MINS sessions

  • Limited to 12 individuals – fully committed to the 5-day session

  • Delivered via Zoom in English language




Who is it for?
Criteria for joining the workshop (2 out of the 5 should fit your profile at a minimum):

  1. You have been doing business in China.

  2. You are thinking about setting up your own subsidiary in China

  3. You are not sure whether it is the right timing and whether you have the financial capabilities to implement it.

  4. You are uncertain on how to do a professional analysis on whether you need to setup or not.

  5. There are key stakeholders who are holding back on the China project.

It will be particularly valuable for people in the following positions:


  • International business and brand owners looking to expand to or working in China

  • International and domestic sales, ecommerce teams working with/in China

  • Corporate commercial, finance and strategic departments

  • Entrepreneurs looking to setup operations in China

  • China-focused management teams


What will the modules cover?

Module 1: Introductions on who will guide you.
Introductions to Kristina, Manfred and the workshop participants. A great start to building an empowering ecosystem of individuals.

Module 2: Importance of market share, market potential and competitors
For any business it pays to know your market, especially if you are planning to establish an operation in China. Whether you are trying to assess the level of market demand before releasing a new product or service, choose the best city(s) in which to sell, simply try to understand what factors will influence customer spending or analyze what your competitors are already doing in-market, data is a key ingredient in your recipe pack that will truly help you to understand your customers’ needs and expectations and how to gain market share in an extremely competitive environment.

  • The data recipe pack for a B2B organization

  • The data recipe pack for a B2C organization

Module 3: The China business models, and the financial resources needed

What holds companies back from setting up an operation in China? The answer is the lack of information and knowledge on what is legally possible and understanding the financial resources needed to invest in the operation to run successfully. The recipe pack for this module includes:


  • The types of business models that exist

  • The financial resources one needs to start and run the operation

  • The challenges of running the operation and solutions to counter them

Module 4: An empowering ecosystem of people
You cannot go to China alone. You will need to invest in people to advise, implement and grow your organization in China. The first individuals on your China team will be VITAL for your company’s success in China. The recipe pack for this module includes:


  • Who are the key individuals to start your operation?

  • Where are they located – in or out of China?

  • The scenarios for employing people in China

  • What is the cost of having these people on board?

  • What are the challenges and solutions in building this network of people?


Module 5: Design your action plan
Provide your 3 action points for the next 90 days. Create the WeChat/WhatsApp group to mastermind and keep you accountable on your progress. 

Interested in joining the workshop? 

Email your interest at
As this will be an interactive workshop please provide us with your company and individual profile.