Why every company should have a mentor when going into China

Every entrepreneur and business leader in China could use a mentor at any and every stage of their career. Discover why having a good one can be so important for your China business.

Successful entrepreneurs and leaders have something in common: A good number of them have had mentors throughout their career.

Fortunately, it is not something reserved for novice entrepreneurs or business people. Even experienced business persons can say that they have had a mentor at least once in their lives.

After all, there is always someone who has been there and done that, someone who has faced the same challenges and came away better. And everyone can learn from such people.

Convinced yet? Find out why a mentor might really help you as an entrepreneur.

There are Things about China You Cannot Learn from Books

People who have been in a China business for a while have something very valuable - their experience. That is why a good mentor can teach you things that you cannot learn elsewhere.

Business books on China may be great, but they do not always have a ready solution to your real-life problems.

Ideally, you should find an accomplished mentor who has a lot of experience in the Chinese market, even if it means they have had to fail many times. Failure is a great teacher after all, and you can learn from other’s mistakes and avoid committing the same.

Remember that entrepreneurs do not have bosses. They do not have anyone to tell them what to do, which is often great. However, even entrepreneurs may need guidance at times. And that is what great mentors can offer.

They Push You to Go an Extra Mile

Everything seems scary for someone who starts a business in China. And if your friends are not expanding to the Chinese market, you may not have anyone with whom you can talk. Sometimes even your family will not be supportive and may even warn that what you’re doing is risky.

New business owners are often apprehensive and don’t realize how capable they are. That is why they need a mentor who can be there to help them get up when they get knocked down (which happens quite often in China!). That mentor can also support you and push you to go the extra mile. 

A good mentor can see your potential even when you do not and help you bring forth and develop it to the fullest.

Expanding Your Network in China

Someone who has been in business in China for a while has a reliable network of people. They always know where to turn for advice or help. They know experts in a variety of fields, which makes solving problems much easier.

When you are making a start in China, the best way to grow your network is to leverage someone else’s network. Their contacts also become yours and it may just give you an expedient advantage over the competition.

The more extensive your network in China, the more opportunities may be in store. Sometimes the best business partnerships come from places you least expect.

Find Your Mentor

Your business mentor does not even have to be from the same industry. After all, entrepreneurship and leadership are littered with challenges and many of them are not industry specific. 

Your potential mentors may simply know a lot about how to do business in China and how it works in ways that transcend individual industries.

In addition, it can be a good idea to have several mentors, perhaps even one in every area that interests you want to develop. It is like having your personal board of advisors!

And who would not want that?

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