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Thrive in China Roundtable

Our Thrive in China Roundtable is a weekly session where we complete a deep dive in to a market entry strategy or guideline that will help you protect and grow your China business. We cover a wide range of topics including:

  • How to recruit your first hires in China

  • Developing a direct import program from Asia using a Hong Kong company 

  • How to launch your business in China

  • Why is a Chinese accountant vital for your China business

  • How to create an internal audit process for companies operating in China

  • How to avoid a tax audit in China

  • How to review your China business performance

To attend the free 60 minute sessions you will just need to register via Zoom, once you register it will enable you to attend any session for the remainder of the calendar year.

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All of our historic Roundtable sessions can be found on our Thrive in China 2023 Youtube Playlist here.


Thrive in China WeChat Community

Our growing WeChat Community has over 300 members, we encourage sharing, expression and collaboration.


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