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The China Incorporation Blueprint Masterclass

What's the masterclass about?

The China Incorporation Blueprint highlights the timeline, step-by-step process and document list required to setup a company in China. BUT before we hit on these important issues, you will still need to make some key decisions on the structure, people, location and finance requirements associated with incorporating a company in China.


Making a decision in an unknown environment, such as China, is scary and often we do not know if we are making the right decision.


Need help to understand what options are available to you? Need help to make these decisions?

The Masterclass will include:

Session 1: Company setup procedure and document list
Session 2: Key decisions to be made on the structural foundation
Session 3: Key decisions to be made on senior management and China decision-makers and how to protect them

Session 4: Key decisions to be made on the location in China
Session 5: Key decisions to be made on the financial aspects of the business

Watch the Masterclass now

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