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Cross Border eCommerce and when to set up your own structure in China​

Instead of establishing a presence in China to sell online, foreign firms can choose to use cross-border e-commerce to sell products from abroad. Cross-border e-commerce transactions in China reached $261billion in 2020, according to the Global Times.

This e-Book is for you, if you would like to learn more on:

  • What is Cross Border eCommerce?

  • The bonded warehouse model 

  • Tax Rates for the Bonded Warehouse Model

  • Cross-border Trade and Forex

  • The Direct Shipping Model

  • Tax implications for the direct shipping model

  • Direct shipping model WITH overseas warehousing solutions

  • Key Benefits of the eCommerce regulations

  • Recommended strategy for overseas retailers

  • Reasons why you may still consider establishing a presence in China 

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